Forget Hair, Advice on Touching Belly Buttons

Since this week has been full of conversation about black women's hair and whether it's OK (or racist) to touch it, I figure its time to talk about touching other body parts, specifically, belly buttons.

Like, when you go to the Moroccan restaurant and your 7-year-old son is incredibly enthusiastic about dancing with a belly dancer, he may wonder if he should touch that shaking and shimmying belly button. Well, here's a helpful infographic that clears up any misconceptions that may exist around the subject:
And, just in case anybody out there is still wondering...


heatwave said…
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heatwave said…
LOVE IT! This could be extremely helpful to all those people who are visual learners. Maybe they'll get it now.
nick said…
Of course that rule really applies to ANY part of a woman's body unless she has clearly invited some kind of physical contact. Bodies may very well be tempting but they aren't public property.
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, a tool for the visual learners! lol!

Exactly. Just insert any body part and the rule applies. ;)

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