Looking for a Job? Make a Flyer Like This

I'm tempted to throw together an event JUST so I have an excuse to hire Mystic Marlow. After carefully studying his coffeeshop flyer, I realized he has everything I could possibly want in a magician: 1970's sideburns, immaculate penmanship and the ability to make a light bulb come on without running up the electric bill. How can I be down?


Lola Gets said…
Girl, you are just wrong - let that man get his promotion on! Shooo, this economy is tough. lol
nick said…
Great flyer. But I hope he's not embarrassing the woman in the box with his astonishing X-ray vision.
Liz Dwyer said…
Haha! I totally love his flyer. I think it's so creative and so well done. Heck, in this economy, it HAS to be!

Actually, with his X-ray vision, maybe Mystic Marlow should be hired as an airport screener. ;)
Anonymous said…
I love those kinds of ads. It's like the ones that used to be in the backs of comic books, like X-ray specs and whoopie cushions. 'Fun for the whole family!' Ah, innocent times.
Liz Dwyer said…
Me too! I love them too. It is very much an old school kind of look.

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