Prejudice on the El Platform

Guess what I'm wearing on Saint Patrick's Day next year?

Uh huh. And since I don't always believe in delayed gratification, (it is a long way till March 17th) I wore this shirt yesterday. Thanks to my eldest son, a budding photographer if there ever was one, you get a glimpse of my "Thinking Deep Thoughts" stance.

Or at least, I think that's what that is.

It could just as easily be my, "Wow, there's a whole lot of black ants down there!" look.

Can you tell it's Friday night and I'm bored? I can't believe it's come to this! Really, if I'm writing about black ants crawling around, I might as well chew on a piece of cardboard and call it a night.

Speaking of "night", let's do a little homophone paradigm shift because I'm jealously picturing everybody else out drooling over Christian Bale's performance as Batman in "The Dark Knight". I really wanted to see it but alas, it was not meant to be.

I guess I shouldn't overexaggerate by saying "everybody" wants to see the film. I got to experience some Chicago Transit Authority delays today and before you knew it, five or six of us random strangers were discussing Batman while waiting for a red line train at the Fullerton stop. One guy who was sort of hovering on the fringes of our newly formed El social club said he had no intention of seeing the film because, "That guy playin' him (Batman)... he's a f***ing ____!" (Insert most popular and offensive gay slur in the space where you see_____).

I'm pretty sure that guy now knows that when you say such things when there's a CTA delay, and everyone is cranky and late, you could end up getting tossed off the platform. Seriously, it was such ignorance.


And now, while you you're wondering whether or not that idiot really got pitched onto the el tracks, I'm going to say goodnight because I think I may keel over into my laptop.



Anonymous said…
That looks like a great house you're in front of, Liz. And your tee shirt looks just the thing for St Pat's Day. As for the homophobic moron on the El, he deserved to be thrown on the tracks. Or at least a whole load of black ants tipped down his trousers.
Jameil said…
i kinda want to see it, too. bah to boring friday nights!! i need a photog who's with me constantly!!
Sundry said…
Yeah, I want to know about the house too! Oh, I miss Midwestern porches!
Anonymous said…
Boy that's a long visit! How are you holding up? Sorry about the jerk - unbelievable!
Liz Dwyer said…
The black ants down the trousers sounds like a winning combination for me. Wish I'd had some handy!

Still haven't seen it! Maybe this weekend before I go home to LA. Ticket prices are like $4 cheaper here so I have to go.

It is definitely a lovely porch in person! The house is in Evanston, IL and it's gorgeous! It's one of those that's so big that it got broken up into a couple of apartments, and one of my dearest friends lives there now.

That guy was definitely a complete jerk. I wanted to trip him. I head back to LA in a week. And thanks for asking how I'm holding up... It's been a good visit but I think I'm ready to go home.

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