I Didn't Feel the 5.4

What a serious Los Angeles welcome home! An earthquake!!!

I came home to a few pictures on the floor, but other than that, no damage. I actually didn't feel it since I wasn't even home yet when it happened. (Not that I'm complaining, either). Instead, I was on the plane, feeling annoyed that a freakin' movie on the plane was $6. I splurged though and let my boys watch Prince Caspian and I watched "Run, Fat Boy, Run", which I loved!

Suddenly though, our movie-watching enjoyment was interrupted because, ta-da, the captain made an announcement that a "giant earthquake" had hit Southern California. My kids immediately became hysterical because the most recent earthquake photos they've seen are of ravaged Sichuan Province, China.

They were crying, imagining that LA had been leveled. I'll admit that I kept imagining that crazy "10.5" movie that came out a few years ago. So, it took me like 20 minutes to calm them down. Thanks, airline captain for freaking my kids (and me) out.

And how crazy was it to get off the plane and find out that without warning, Bennigan's has gone kaput and Starbucks is laying off 1000 people. Next thing you know, the House will apologize for slavery. Oh, wait. They did that today. Good job on saying sorry. Now where's my dang 40 acres and a mule?

What? No reparations allowed? Ok, you can just give me free movies on planes for life, free tuition to an MFA program and a guarantee that we won't have earthquakes anymore in Southern California. I'll maybe take that instead.

Just kidding. That's a serious topic and I'm totally exhausted and sarcastic over it. I'll blame it on the fact that it's only 8:11 here but I'm seriously struggling to keep my eyes open.

Yes, I'll see you manana when I'm more "sane".

P.S. -- I found the flash drive. Thank you, Lord! And am I the only one who's totally sick of that damn Katy Perry song?


Glad you are back and safe.

That announcement would have freaked me out as well. Your poor kids.

Yes Starbucks is laying off a bunch and people and closing stores all over America. At the same time they are rapidly expanding in Europe, except in Italy. there is not a single one here. I'm glad and hope they never show up. The coffee culture here is serious and cheap (like a euro for an espresso).

I thought the House apologized for slavery already. or maybe that was Bill Clinton.
Tafari said…
damn, that is a fucked up welcome! Luckily for me in MI Bennigan's will not be closing. They are franchised here. I was going to freak if I could not get my monte cristo anymore.

Anonymous said…
Bennigans are overseas as well, I wonder if they will close their two Irish franchises. I don't think I have ever been to one myself.
Jameil said…
the airline charges have gotten outrageous. some charge for the peanuts. COME ON!! "Good job on saying sorry. Now where's my dang 40 acres and a mule?" right? i was so like really? who cares abt your apology to a bunch of empty chairs.
Anonymous said…
Glad you had little damage and are sfe. Ot surprised your kids freaked!
Sundry said…
Glad you and your USB drive made it back!

Jeez, that was no massive quake. Grr.
DJ Black Adam said…
Glad you had no trouble from the earthquake. Man, I just got back from the boogie down and Detroit, maybe NEXT time you come to the Chi you can meet me and the family!
Shiona said…
I'm glad you had a safe albeit eventful flight. Thanks a lot Captain.

I didn't feel anything either. Me and J were both sound asleep. I thought that song was ok at first but after hearing it constantly on my five hour drive I'm sick of it too.

I guess the apology will have to be enough.

That was surprising to hear about Starbucks.
Anonymous said…
No Charbucks in Amsterdam - at least not yet. Have I mentioned that I hate them? It's all about real estate. The coffee is secondary and they overextended themselves. I think your kids are really smart and still innocent. I didn't even make the connection to China. At least they have compassion and I hope they'll be able to hold onto that into adulthood. How was "Run Fat Boy.."? I don't recall it being released yet.
Liz Dwyer said…
Wow, not a single SBUX in Italy! I never liked their coffee, even when I drank coffee. Now it just seems like most Starbucks drinks are actually liquid desserts.

I feel bad for folks who just lost their jobs overnight because of the closings. I can't believe I just walked by the one on Michigan Ave but didn't go in only a couple of weeks ago. I went to Cosi instead, figuring that I'd hit up Bennigan's next time. All the ones in Illinois are corporate owned so they're kaput. :(

I had no idea they were so international. Maybe those are independently owned and will survive.

Empty chairs is exactly it. Make it more than words. At least the crackers and cookies were free on the plane. I had packed some snacks just in case but yeah, rididulousness. Total ridiculousness.

Yeah, they were full-on crying. I'm sure that captain didn't even think what the impact of his announcement would be on small children.

I'm SO glad I found it as well. I was freaking out and tearing through everything I'd already packed... it was in a side pocket on one of handbags. Whew.

Hopefully next time won't be so long from now. Five weeks seemed like a long time till I was actually running around trying to see all my family and do stuff with them and with my kids. It flew by. Yes, maybe next trip I can see you. It would be nice.

I like it when I'm asleep during earthquakes because then I just think it's a super intense dream! :) And I am seriously sick of that song. Weird Al needs to spoof it and make a song called, "I ate Krispy Kremes and I liked it!"

I hope they'll be able to retain that compassion, too. And I LOVED that movie. It was fabulous all around. It was very cool to see how they gave Thandie Newton a black mom and a white dad in the film. Loved that. SBUX built up all those stores and now all that'll be left is shuttered real estate. Ugh. Not cool.
Glad you're home and safe.
Liz Dwyer said…
I'm glad to be home safe! Whew!

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