13 Ways I Know I'm Getting Older

Two or three days of being a blog ghost has me missing y'all. I've been being touristy, doing things like going to the top of the Sears Tower and window shopping downtown on Michigan Avenue. It's been really good but only 12 days till I head home to LA.

Sooo... Today is Thursday and since I've been roaming around and reminiscing about all my old Chi-town haunts, today's Thursday Thirteen topic is:

13 Ways I Know I'm Getting "Older"!

1) No More Booty Shorts and Mini Skirts: Ok, I never ever wore booty shorts, but I look at women currently wearing booty shorts and super short mini-skirts and say to myself, "I could never get away with wearing that." Sometimes they shouldn't be getting away with wearing it either, but whatever. Hoochie at all ages is "in", right? Ten years ago, I was actively buying short skirts to show off my hot legs (no modesty, my legs are hot!) Now, just above the knee seems short.

2) College Kids Seem Like Kids: The other day I took my sons to my undergrad alma mater, Northwestern University, and while we were walking around campus, I felt like a granny. I was totally one of those older alums that I used to see roaming around campus mumbling, "Hmm... this wasn't here when I went to school!" And you know how college kids do fun stuff like dye their hair pink and wear edgy clothes that don't match? I saw some of those kids and found myself cynically thinking, "You'll do that crap till you decide to sell out and go to law school."

3) I'm actually considering going to an '80s show: It features Animotion, Missing Persons and When in Rome. For those of you not familiar, When in Rome did the "Promise" song that everyone thinks is Depeche Mode.

I love the song but thank God Depeche Mode doesn't sound or look half as dorky and they still make records. Tickets are only $10 though.

4) I remember the TV movie, "The Day After": I talk to people born past 1979/1980 and they have no idea about that film and how scary it was to constantly be thinking a nuclear attack was gonna happen. In 1983 when it came on TV, that was a real concern. It probably still is but we're too worried about whether or not Lindsay Lohan is now a lesbian to care.

5) I remember super bad pollution in Gary: When I was little we used to drive through Gary, Indiana and the air would turn yellow and it would smell like a combination of what I imagined rotting corpses and sewage would smell like. It was because all the steel mills were operating at full blast. Now there's just a few puffs of smoke here and there even though the shells of the factories are still there.

6) I miss Dance Fever: I mentioned Deney Terrio the other day to someone and they were like, "Who? What?" Yeah, that person was born in 1985 and so they have no idea. Gosh, I used to love the dancer's outfits and all their moves!

7) For me, "Good Life" is by Inner City not Kanye West: But I guess I can't complain. Either way, Chi-town is in the house!

Watching that brings back memories of how I totally wanted to be Paris Grey back in the day. I wonder what she's up to these days. She had such a great voice.

8) Chicago's Belmont Avenue is really clean: Back in the day, right when you got off the El at Belmont, there were scores of tatted up alternative folks, male teen prostitutes... and a little diner called the "Belmont" that I used to frequent all the time. I used to stay in there till three or four in the morning, drinking coffee, watching people and writing. It's all gone. The street looks like it's from a suburb. There are moms with baby carriages and they look like they have their cell phones speed dialed to 911.

9) The Belly I Can't Lose: I should just give it a name. Hours of exercise every week and it hangs around like roaches camped out in the projects. This level of exercise a dozen years ago would've had me looking like a damn bikini model. And before you suggest that I cut out all sugar, flour, dairy and heaven knows what else, yes, I know. I know, if I totally stop eating I might not have a belly anymore.

10) I am in the house by 8 or 9 PM: When I was younger, what possible reason did I have for being home? Hanging out was just so much more fun. Besides, who knew what hotness might walk by, right? And, it's no fun wearing mini-skirts at home.

11) I reminisce about Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Loved those shows. Nothing has filled the Buffy void, not even Dr. Horrible.

12) Kids I knew as 9 or 10 year olds are now lawyers: Kids I remember as being my friend's cute but slightly annoying little brothers are now wearing power suits and are about to get married. Sigh.

13) My kids: The older they get, the older I get. And the older they get, the more their math skills improve. Yesterday I had to hear, "Did you come here when you were a teenager? Wasn't that like 20 years ago?"

And now it's your turn! What sort of things, other than your birthday happening every year, let you know you're getting older?

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1969 said…
"Let me take you to a place I know you're gonna love....its a Good Life".

You know I spent my formative years at the Sound Factory dancing to house music in a pair of Girbaud denim shorts and a tank top right?

I wanted to be able to sing Devotion like the dude in Ten City...LOL
Lola Gets said…
I'm sorry, but I never, ever thought that "Promise" song was by Depeche Mode. It was just a little, too...sweet and cutesy?

Lola Gets said…
Oh man, you and '69 are bringing back memories! "I want to give you devotion!"

Anonymous said…
What's really scary is working down at the pre-school with your toddler, looking around, and realizing a lot of the other volunteer mothers are young enough to be your daughter.
Felicity said…
Thank you for featuring Inner city, I forgot how much Good life was one of my favourite, I am playing Big Fun, another great song. Anyway in God's eyes, we are young as ever.
Anonymous said…
It's frightening isn't it? My list includes I've been working out longer than most trainers have been alive. Sad that!

The town I grew up in had the worst smog on the planet at that time. Now it's all cleaned up and people don't believe it (I think Hong Kong has the worst smog now)

At least we're aging gracefully?
the joy said…
I reminisce about buffy too. And I'm 24, so... I'm waiting for the omnibus to come to my fav comic shop.

Before Jameil mentions it, did you see the solid gold spoof on snl with lebron James? I don't know how I know who deney terreo is. I've never seen that show.

What makes me feel old? Someone had a recent issue of teen beat with the Jonas brothers, miley cyrus and some random others, and I realized I'd only heard one song by any of them, barely knew who they were, and was about 10 years older than them.
I LOVE the song "Good Life" .

I another birthday coming up next month. So does Michael Jackson and Madonna. Both are turning 50. That is one way (among many) I know I'm getting older.
Mei-Li said…
How do I know? Hmmm

1.) When I start getting those "You Know You Grew Up in the 90's When..." emails.
2.) Kids consider t-shirts with the cartoons I used to watch vintage
3.) The realization that "walk it out" is not a new form of cardio and I just miiiight need a back up plan
4.) I didnt have to google it when Kanye said "since Prince was on Apollonia"
5.) When mothers use Britannica, for their daughter's name and not as an educational resource (enter wikipedia)
6.) and lastly I know I am getting older cause I now understand why Janet Jackson had that girl blow in Tupac's face in Poetic Justice (youuuuu know you know that scene)
Anonymous said…
Gary, Indiana -

You state that only the "shells of the steel factories are still exist, with a puff of smoke here and there."

That is not quite accurate, in the sense that the steel mills that made Gary famous are still there, up and running, and producing tonnage in record numbers.

What is not there any longer are the thousands and thousands of people who ran the mills. Technology and automation has replaced manpower. It is also resonsible for reduction of pollution.

More about Gary, In, "The Steel City," may be garnered from a visit to Dave's Den web site.
Liz Dwyer said…
I wish I could've been right there dancing next to you. I used to LOVE Ten City!

Too sweet, too cutesy, too syrupy. But I can't tell you how many people I've met who thought that was Depeche Mode. That and that "Great Commandment" song by Camouflage.

Yes, that is pretty scary, especially when they act totally juvenile and do stuff like drop their other baby. And then they ask you how old you are and can't believe you didn't start having kids at 17.

I played that tape with "Good Life" and "Big Fun" till it fell apart. I should get a replacement.

That's SO true about the trainers being younger than how long I've been exercising. Wow. And I don't know which city has the worst smog. My dad was just in Shanghai and he said it was pretty bad there.

The Joy,
Too true about Jonas Bros and Miley. I don't get the appeal at all. And I did not see that SNL. I'll have to look online and see if I can catch it. I remember thinking Deney Terrio was really hot. Him and Rick Springfield.

50 -- wow. I remember seeing the first Michael Jackson video on MTV, and the kids like Chris Brown weren't even born yet. It's really something.

Oh my goodness, SUCH a great list -- and mothers using Britannica as a name... it really is the end of the world.

D. Yaros,
Well three cheers for technology, I guess. However it happened, the air is not the toxic sludge it used to be when I was a kid. There's a lot of places that used to operate there that seem to be gone, but I guess like you say it's just the people that are absent.
Shai said…
LOL. I feel ya. LOL.

I am getting into either music before 2000, smooth jazz, and some recent R&B like Ledisi. I cringe and say dang the new hip-hop/rap sucks. I start sounding like my elders. LOL.

I know I am old when I hear an old 80's song and my body automatically goes back to the dances from that time period. My child laughs and walks away when I do. LOL.

Good post.
Unknown said…
Don't GO Liz, don't go! We LOVE having you here! LOL! These Chi posts have been so fun!

One word of advise: EMBRACE the belly...embrace the belly...;0)
Ian Lidster said…
Oh, you could too wear the booty shorts and minis -- you're only getting 'better', dear.

I think I might try this, however, but then I'd really let the cat out of the bag on my age.

But, I certainly vividly remember both Roots and Rich Man, Poor Man, speaking of TV movies.
Anonymous said…
I remember a lot of that stuff too. The way I know I'm getting really old is that now I not only watch the news, I listen to it on the radio too. Great TT. Happy Friday!
Liz Dwyer said…
Don't feel too bad about thinking the new hip hop sucks. Even a lot of the "kids" these days think most of sucks. They're well aware that they're being shoveled a steaming pile of musical (bleep).

I'm trying to embrace the belly, but good grief, sometimes I feel like I've got a rabbit attached to my midsection. Only 11 more days till we head home. Can't believe it's going so quickly but it'll be time. The boys have been complaining for the past week that they want to go home. Me though? I haven't seen half the folks I want to yet. Sigh!

Trust me, you don't want to see me in booty shorts. It's not a happy prospect! :) I totally remember Roots, but I don't know if we watched Rich Man, Poor Man or not. I remember the Thornbirds though. It was pretty "adult" for me though so most of it went over my head.

So true! I used to argue with my dad over his constantly listening to Wally Phillips on Chicago's WGN. I wanted to listen to music, he did not. Now I'm the same way, always listening to KNX 1070 out in LA.
Dirty Red said…
I was listening to "old" school hip hop at my desk the other day and Big Daddy Kane was playing. A young girl walked over to me and said, 'Who is that? Is that the new Lil Wayne?' I almost fell out of my chair. Yep, we are ancient. And I am only 3-, you get the point.
Miriam said…
here's to Devon Ave and Lake Shore Drive!!!
Miriam said…
two sure things that reminds me that I'm getting old:

(1) I used to race with my husband at nights, just for fun. Now, the thought of racing anybody scares me! lol.

(2)When younger folks offer me their seat. I get chagrined.
Anonymous said…
Funnily enough, I don't feel old, I just feel different. The things I like are not the things that 20 somethings like, but that doesn't mean I'm old, it just means my head's in a different place. Feeling old's all relative I think. Twenty somethings can feel absurdly old compared to teenagers.
the joy said…
Rick Springfield... I change the words to "I know you wish that you had Kesi's girl." Kesi is my boyfriend. I'm a dork.
Lisa Johnson said…
I very much agree with nyc/caribbean ragazza's answer. When we start seeing our peers getting older and the celebrities that we remember from when they were really young getting older, we have to admit that it's us too!

I also realized it when I got into my late twenties and wondered what the deal was with clubbing. I started getting sick of it and decided I'd rather stay home, watch tv and save my money. And I wanted to avoid the same guys there every week who just wanted to pose and dance by themselves.
Anonymous said…
I miss Buffy too. I have a sinking feeling that Joss Whedon's new project "The Dollhouse" is going to crash and burn. Even if it does star kick ass Eliza Dusku.
the last noel said…
I can't believe that the incoming class of freshmen were born in 1990! That still trips me out.
Keith said…
Buffy! I totally miss that show. I lived by it. Angel was good but Buffy was a classic.

I know I'm old becasue I now get hangovers, and I miss Solid Gold. Also, I know it becasue my baseline weight has ballooned compared to my HS/college days.

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