Uninspired Valentine

By far, the most interesting part of my Valentine's Day was sitting at a booth in front of two women who were clearly consoling each other over their singleness. It turns out, one of the women was engaged...until about a week ago.

Over the next twenty minutes, Elarryo and I got to hear a few choice details:
  • They were supposed to be married in three months
  • She spent $4,000 on a wedding dress that is "Just sitting in a closet looking lonely".
  • The dress was covered in hand-stiched Belgian lace and featured a very sexy corset-lace-up back.
  • She even had a matching tiara, "I was really going to look like a fairy princess for him."
  • She's not going to return the ring until her ex reimburses her for some of the costs she's incurred.
  • He walked out on her and has refused to talk to her at all.
  • She thinks there was another woman but she's not really sure since he won't talk to her.

Her friend suggested that she sell the ring and dress on Ebay. She got up to go to the restroom. That's when I started thinking that he might have left her because she was wearing very short "Daisy Duke" shorts out in public. After her return from the restroom, they then launched into a conversation about the process of auditioning for American Idol and not making it.

"I pray or whatever when I get discouraged because I know I really can sing. You know?"

Now, for the really romantic part of my evening: I know you all are just dying to hear the juicy details but I have to tell you, we got home, watched a bit about the St. Valentine's Day Massacre on the History Channel. Gotta love stories of Al Capone and Bugs Moran shooting up Chicago in the '20s and '30s.

Then we switched to PBS and watched an episode of Frontline about methaphetamine use. After being thoroughly depressed by the fact that more folks abuse meth worldwide than heroin and cocaine combined, I went to bed and dreamt of chocolate hearts kissing.


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