Happy Black History Month

It's February 1st -- and I work somewhere that will probably not acknowledge the existence of Black History Month. You probably work somewhere that won't either...unless you work with a predominately Black staff or your boss and the boss of your boss is Black.

That's one thing I miss about being a school teacher in Compton...Black History Month preparations started when we came back in January and it was a big deal! Now of course, six months after Hurricane Katrina, there are articles and polls asking if Black History Month has outlived it's purpose.

Hmm...let me see. Let's give you a quiz with three random Black history questions:

1) What was Ida B. Wells' profession? What did she crusade against?

2) What was (is) the "paper bag test" and the Blue Vein Society?

3) What was the Niagra Movement?

Did you get all three questions correct? No, I'm not giving you the answers. If you don't know, look them up online.

If you get one question wrong, you fail the test. Take that, overachievers!


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