Love in Los Angeles

I fall in love every day with Los Angeles. It's no wonder, I'm always seeing so many people in love here so I guess the love just bounces around us and infects us all. There's someone for everyone here...and no one is looking at you like you are an odd-ball if you're with someone that's a bit different than you. Why? Because everyone's so different. Sure, it's cliche to say how diverse this city is but check out my last 36 hours:

1) I went to the Bally's in Hollywood yesterday and today. Where else do you have the gay guys hanging out in one hot tub, the old Korean ladies hanging out in another and the old Korean men in speedos doing laps in the pool? -- Okay, okay...true diversity if the gay guys and the Korean ladies were in the same hot tub...

2) We went to the L.A. Zoo yesterday and saw so many interracial couples and adorable kids. More than I've ever seen in New York, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Atlanta, or San Francisco at one time. And no one was staring at them. Oh, and in case Sanaa Lathan is reading this, there were a bunch of Sista's with white men. Like I said last Wednesday, nothing new in that.

3) I was at Starbucks on Vermont and Prospect in Los Feliz and there was an older African-American gentleman on my right--turns out he's the Executive Director of the Black Aids Institute. He's originally from Chicago so it was really neat to talk to him. On my left were two sorority sisters planning an event. Next to those two was a young African-American man reading Proust.

Did I mention I love this city?


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