Black Face

Today I get to be Black. I get to represent Blackness. I'm going to this luncheon for work today called Black Faces in High Places. I'll probably be contemplating what it means to be Black where I work more than anything else.

It's supposed to be one of those events where everyone honors the Black folks in Los Angeles who are making a difference...and they do it in high places...instead of the low places? I'm curious to see what constitutes a high place.

I'll be sure to give an update later tonight.

100.3 The Beat LA - The People's Station. Don't Get It Twisted!


Anonymous said…
Okay so how was it? and I hate to say it but 100.3 the Beat is the "uninformed and loving the bilss of ingnorance" people's station. I'm sure that the luncheon was fabulous though.


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