A Tale of Two Starbucks

Yes, two worlds, the extremes of wealth and poverty, all visible at your local Starbucks coffee house. Yesterday, I was in Los Feliz. Today, I am at the SBUX in Compton. Well, technically this is in Willowbrook, the unincorporated area of LA County that is a no-man's land between Compton and Watts. It's only a mile from Carver Elementary, the heart of my experience here in L.A. But, it's Compton through and through. Hmm, let's see some differences.

Los Feliz: Mercedes and Land Rover's getting hand washed across the street.
Compton: Man in motorized wheel chair rolling by.

Los Feliz: Macho Tacos, and the Vermont are next door.
Compton: Louisiana Fish Market and Subway are next door.

Los Feliz: All white clientele. Packed with people. Almost everyone has a laptop or is chatting on cell phone.
Compton: No one white. No one on a laptop but me. Only 6 other people in here other than me.

Los Feliz: Playing folk music.
Compton: Playing some compilation of funk/r&b. We should be having a dance party in here. Oh snap! They are playing, "You Dropped A Bomb On Me!"


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