Greetings Angelenos and Aspiring Angelenos:

We haven't had a good rattler here in the City of Angels in a little while. The last decent one was during the Stephen King mini-series, Rose Red. But that's ok since I'm on vacation this week and having a fabulous time relaxing. I don't really need much shaking up of anything.

MTV Music Awards: So, I spent 3 hours of my life watching rich musicians bling their way to the stage to accept their awards, then give props to Jesus and their crew. The people they should really be thanking are the women who portray money and sex hungry vixens that are hanging on the rappers' every word. Next year, I'm almost certain that we will see the video for Lean Back by Fat Joe and the Terror Squad up for "Best Rap Video". The vixen that is dancing on Fat Joe is looking like she's totally bored but glad to be getting paid. He looks like he wants another bucket of KFC. But, I'll give the video director of Lean Back some credit: at least the women weren't required to all wear the played, all-white clothing look. That is so tired.

I wish all videos told stories like they used to back in the day. The videos that were like little movies were the best.


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