Machos Tacos

I think wi-fi is one of the best things ever invented. It means that I can log on from this very spacious Starbucks on the corner of Vermont and Prospect in Los Feliz and gaze upon the very metrosexual masses that frequent this particular location. I scored a window seat that also has easy access to a plug so I charge my cell and my laptop battery. The view is of the car wash across the street. They promise a 100% hand wash and they are definitely delivering on the promise. Maybe I'll take my ride there after I'm finished working.

Speaking of laptops, Elarryo HAS to get his own. He is me driving CRAZY, always borrowing mine. He makes me feel a three year old. "No, you can't use it! It's MINE!" Granted, I don't always need mine and I can easily use the desktop or one of the computers at the office, but I think he is just wanting to use mine because he can sit all over the house and use it or take it places.

There is a little restaurant next to the car wash...actually, does it qualify as a restaurant? It is really just a walk up stand that's the size of a fair booth, but it has an enormous sign, "Machos Tacos, REAL MEXICAN" out front. I wonder why they don't put the real Mexican part en espanol? That could make it seem more authentic. In any case, the special this week is 'tacos de carne asada.' Not too appetizing to a non-carnivore.

I can't deal with all the coverage about the kidnapped people in Iraq getting their heads cut off. It's beyond sad. They had the wife of the second guy on ABC this morning. I would have been a blubbering mess. I almost was, listening to her talk. I can't imagine how she is holding it together. I don't know what I would do if it was Elarryo over there. And, there has to be something in people that, no matter there religious or ethnic background, hears the plea in her voice and responds. Has America's bloodthirsty materialism and exploitation dealt us this hand where lives are taken and the rest of the world doesn't even flinch?


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