Saturday's at Home

Saturday, Love: Today I spent loads of time relaxing with the family. In particular, I cuddled up with my youngest, Toussaint Maurice Bolden. He fell asleep laying in my arms while I was watching North By Northwest on Turner Classic Movies.(Eva Marie Saint sizzling with Cary Grant!!!) It's hot here this weekend so TT was a sweat-hog in my arms. But I enjoyed it. Before long he'll be too big for me to cradle and he'll start to refuse the kisses that I would plant on his head. He already squirms a bit, trying to get down to crawl around and explore the world. I love to look at the pure happiness that radiates from his eyes when he sees or does something new. I adore the enthusiasm with which he crawls after his big brother Olinga, and the contented sighs that he gives when he is nursing (really, when he is eating anything.) He is almost 11 months old and I find it hard to believe that in only a few more weeks, he'll officially be 1 year old! October 8th!

His first word was his brother's name: Olinga. Except it comes out more like, "Inga." His latest achievement is that with lots of effort, he can haul himself up onto the couch. Such an exciting thing for all of us! He's growing up. Toussaint also likes to be tossed up into the air...but his size is making it more difficult.

Right now, Elarryo is re-adjusting the speaker wiring that trails all over our house like grape-vines. He's listening to 102.3, KJLH. Olinga is dancing to the's Eric B. and Rakim but I can't recall the exact title of the song. Toussaint is roaming back and forth between the three of us, almost like he's checking in on everybody. I have a little green bin that I keep in the living room for Olinga to put his favorite Batman action figures and matchbox cars in once he's finished playing with them. Toussaint has discovered the joys of divesting the bin of it's contents. They are a funny pair.

Olinga has discovered Friday nights and the joy of staying up late! Last night, he stayed up till 2:00 with me watching Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, a Bollywood film. How hilarious was it to see him dancing energetically along with the fantasy dance numbers! You bet it was pretty funny! Never heard of the movie? It was made in 1995 and won several of the Indian equivalent of the Oscar. DDLJ is funny, touching and cheesy at the same time. Don't worry, it has subtitles. This was probably the 3rd time I've seen it. As someone who was a part of the Indian Student's Association at Northwestern, despite my distinctly non-Indian background, it reminded me of the push and pull that the Sudha's, Abha's, and Yogita's that I hung out with surely felt: Do you go ahead with the arranged marriage or arrange your own marriage?

Elarryo took the day off on Wednesday and we went to the theatre at The Grove to catch a matinee. Why is the matinee price $8.75 here in LA? Floss Angeles indeed! :0 I have wanted to see "Hero" since I saw the trailer during the previews for that awful Van Helsing. Plus, I'm in to Zhang Yimou and have seen almost all of his films, (Raise the Red Lantern with Gong Li being one of my favorites.) So, combine an amazing director, Jet Li, and Zhang Ziyi...I had to see it. Collateral could definitely wait. After seeing it, I know why the film was rated 94% fresh on . It is BEYOND fresh!

Olinga almost has his first prayer memorized. O God, guide me, protect me, make of me a shining lamp and a brilliant star. Thou art the Mighty and the Powerful.

I am looking forward to going home sometime this fall. I'm hoping work will take me to Chicagoland sometime in November/December. I miss getting to pray at the House of Worship. How long ago it seems that Kelsey and then Elarryo worked there in the bookstore. I'm so glad that we got married there. It's the site of some of my highest highs and some of my lowest lows in this spiritual search for meaning on planet earth:

This week of vacation has been wonderful for me. I've spent lots of time in places that I really like but haven't taken the time to visit as often as I probably should. Psychobabble on Vermont, The Coffee Table on Rowena, Skylight Books, Ballys Total Fitness (actually, I went there alot!) The MAC counter at Macy's... but I haven't been to The Bodhi Tree in awhile. I think that before I get into the grind of work again (before Tuesday), I'll go.

Au revior mes amis.


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