Help Me Meet Depeche Mode, and I Promise I Won't Throw Undies at Them

Fresh off their pointed denial of being the musical inspiration of the alt-right, Depeche Mode did something that made fans like me lose our &#^*^@&@ minds: They announced a contest where one fan at each stop on their upcoming tour will have a chance to meet the entire band. Not just meeting Martin Gore (Exhibit A and Exhibit B of that happening to me) but Martin, Dave Gahan, AND Fletch.

Ladies and gents, I want to be one of those fans. And I need your help to do it. Like, FOR REAL. Two minutes of your time. All you have to do is click on this link and sign up before 11:59 PM ET/7:59 PM PT today.
You don't have to buy anything. You don't even have to like Depeche Mode. Just HELP MEEEE!

Yeah, I'm that desperate that I've taken to begging online. But this is a chance to meet all the members of the ban I've loved and adored since I was 11, the band that I've sat on public sidewalks for six hours to see, the band whose t-shirts I wore every time I got chemotherapy cos I needed a reminder of better days.

Here's the deal: Depeche Mode announced a presale for their tour, but to get around ticket scalpers, folks who sign up on that presale website—which run by a company called Strobe—get ticket purchasing priority. You get assigned a spot, and according to the site, "the higher your spot, the better your access to tickets during the fan presale. End up at the very front of the line for your city and you'll be invited to meet the band before the show."

Ready to take action and Help Liz Meet Depeche Mode? Awesome. You already have your phone out so after you click on this link you'll be taken to a page that looks like this:

STEP ONE: Just click on the arrow. Easy.

STEP TWO: Now you'll get to a page that tells you Depeche Mode is coming back to North America. Scroll down and you'll see links to sign up through Facebook or through your email.
Click "Get Access": I'm not crazy about signing up for stuff using Facebook. But this is for a good cause so I sucked it up. If you're the same, just do what I'm doing and delete Strobe's access on Tuesday after the presale is over.

Or sign in without Facebook. You are not worried about your spot in line—remember you're just helping me. You'll register with an email. It'll ask you for a password. Just make up one to use on Strobe's site. THIS IS IMPORTANT: You'll need to confirm your email so check your account for an email from Strobe and click on the confirmation link. Otherwise I get no points for getting folks to register.

STEP THREE: This red page pops up. It might have Los Angeles pre-filled. It might have the name of the city closest to you filled in. I was so confused by this when I registered, but you have to actually type this in still. Type in Los Angeles—or if you really want to register for the presale, type in a city you want to see the band in. Now Click "confirm location."
Now it'll take you to a page where you can see your rank in the pre-sale competition, it might suggest that you buy a CD or something. Remember, you don't have to do ANY OF THAT. You've already helped me. And I really appreciate it. Thank you. THANK YOU.
There's a part of me that worries that somebody tech-savvy with a lot of cash has simply hired someone to create fake emails and do this all day so they can end up in the top spot—and so I'll never get the chance to meet Depeche Mode. But I figure I have to try. I've been so hesitant to ask folks, cos I do not want to be an annoying spammer—and I hate how this puts me in competition with my other Depeche Mode fans—but DO YOU SEE MY FACE when I met Martin Gore?
(And really, AS IF I'd ever throw underwear at anybody.)


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