For All You Undecided Voters, Here's a Third Party Option You Should Consider

With a mere 24 hours till Election Day here in the U.S. folks are WAY fired up. But I bet there are still some undecided voters out there--folks who can't figure out who will best serve the American people. Well, I have an easy third party candidate for them: Election Depeche Mode.

C'mon, roll with me and ignore that "must be born in the U.S." rule. Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher, and Dave Gahan could easily serve as our POTUS. They could easily split up the day into three 8-hour shifts and bring some serious, 24/7 all black everything style to the White House.

Need more proof that Depeche Mode is the way to go? Here are five reasons to give them your vote:
  1. Hotness: Exhibit A.
  2. Talent: Exhibit B, and Exhibit C
  3. Thirty years experience bringing folks together: Exhibit D. 
  4. They're honest: They held a press conference on October 23rd announcing their new tour and actually admitted they haven't settled on a name for the song played at the start of the event.
  5. They're not beholden to any special interests: They consistently manage to ignore that Super PAC of fans who threaten not to buy the next Depeche Mode record unless they bring back ex Mode member Alan Wilder. Pfft, look at Dave Gahan up there, impervious to the pressure. He's all, "Look folks, Alan's been gone for 17 years. We're cool and all, but he's not coming back. Next."
Indeed, they also do exceptionally well in high pressure town halls meetings. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, neither Governor Romney nor President Obama could do much campaigning so Depeche Mode stepped up to answer some of the tough questions from undecided voters. Don't believe me? Here's some video proof courtesy of my uber-talented Depeche Mode brother, Sean, and sister, Amanda.

They gave some good answers, right? You ready to write them in on the ballot on Tuesday? Let's do this! Election Mode in full effect!


Lola Gets said…
Girl, you have gone off the deep end! lol
Liz Dwyer said…
Hahaha! It's fun to have a little fun with it all. I'm so ready for it to be over. Can it be November 7th yet?
Reese said…
I was all in until I read Dave's caption about NOT calling Alan Wilder to see if he wants to come back. BOO!

I may reconsider, but that's gonna leave a mark.

~ rissadee
Liz Dwyer said…
I was trying to think of something else for Dave to say about not pouring the Elvis on too thick or letting the audience sing most of the chorus on certain songs but given that every single record folks are all "Bring Alan back!" I figured that had to be the caption. Plus the look on his face is PRICELESS in that pic!

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