The Drunks Down The Hill

The house across the street that's renting for $3500 a month still has a "For Rent" sign up. So much for the landlord's boast that he'd have the place rented in a week, no problem. I sort of wonder if prospective tenants balked at paying that much when there's a pack of drunks hanging out at the bottom of the hill.

When I walk my kids to school in the morning, the drunks are usually not there. I guess I should be grateful that most days they don't get started that early. But midmorning, when it's time to pick my youngest up from Pre-K, the booze is cracked open and there's four or five weatherbeaten guys knocking 'em back.

By afternoon when it's time to go pick up my eldest, they are laid on on the sidewalk, passed out across parked cars, swinging from tree branches, and yelling, "Hola, Bonita!" at my shadow. And no, I don't have a picture of them because I'm not stupid. The last thing I want is for these guys to think I'm paying any attention to them at all and taking their picture.

However, after a week and a half of their drunken insanity, I've had it. I'd personally love to pack them up and cart them over to Beverly Hills just to see what would happen. I'd deposit them right in front of some jeweler, Tiffany's or Bulgari would be great picks. But, I don't have that option. So, I decided to call the police.

My local police station is called Rampart. If that name doesn't sound familiar to you, Rampart is also the largest police corruption scandal in United States history. Seen "Training Day"? Well, the rumor is that's based on what went down here. Despite this bad rap though, our officers are usually really nice around here, but, like teachers, they're really overworked. I honestly thought that because of this, they'd have a little bit of an attitude on the phone once they found out that there was no murder, robbery or assault going on.

Instead, they were glad I called. They promised to send an officer right away to break up the "party" and they thanked me for calling. Now, whether the drunks will be gone when I leave the house in 20 minutes remains to be seen. And whether they'll be back again tomorrow is also an unknown.

But trust me, if they're back, I'll be calling again.


thailandchani said…
Well, I'll be curious to know if that happened.

Oh, the Beverly Hills stories I could tell!

Have them sit in front of Chasen's.



M said…
So, were they gone?
Liz Dwyer said…
So, they weren't gone...what a shocker, right? When I left, they were still there. Then I drove by on my way back from the grocery store and on my way to a friend's house. They were still there. So, an hour after I called, still there, but who knows. Maybe they got chased away right after I drove by. I'm definitely calling again if they are back tomorrow.
none said…
Where is Molly Hatchet when you need her ;)
I feel for you. Why are they drinking outside in the middle of the day? Move that mess inside.

Keep us posted when the house gets rented. I can't wait until your new neighbors who are def. overpaying, see/hear the drunks.
Liz Dwyer said…
Then again, Molly Hatchet could decide she's having too good of a time with them to do them in. Then our neighborhood would have even more problems.

I don't know for sure why they go outside instead of inside, and why under that particular tree?? Your guess is as good as mine. They definitely have somewhere to go once it starts to get dark.

I'll definitely keep y'all posted on the house. Some folks from London were hanging about last night checking out the outside and I was walking my kids back from soccer practice. They asked me if I knew anything about the house and about died when I told them how much it was.
Mes Deux Cents said…
Hi Liz,
I rencently moved and one of the main reasons for my move was people hanging out drinking next to a "store" next to my former apartment building. You would think if people are hanging out doing something illegal they would be quiet, but no they were loud. Sometimes their noise would extend into the late night as well. And the area that I lived was not a bad one.

What really bothered me though was although I called the police on a regular basis to disperse them, the other people in the building didn't. That infuriated me. That's how decent areas become bad ones, people don't do any thing.

So I understand your situation all too well. Hopefully others who live around you will join you in calling the police.
Jameil said…
keep us updated!
Jon said…
hope the 5-0 moved them off to another location.
Liz Dwyer said…
They were back again this morning, six guys this time. So I called the cops again around two when I was walking to pick my eldest up from school. By the time we walked back by there at 2:40, all of them were gone, along with the liquor bottles. So, I think LAPD must have rolled through. Otherwise, they'd still be there chillin', I'm sure. We'll see if they come back tomorrow. I'm ready to call again...and I called the city about some dumped furniture over on Melrose.

Whoo hoo! I'm the neighborhood vigilante! I'm sure the City of Los Angeles will be sick of me in a hot second.
Ian Lidster said…
No point in sending the drunks to BH, they already have Lindsay and Britney to contend with, so they're used to it.
Liz Dwyer said…
They were back again today! I had to play it cool and not call till it'd been at least an hour since I'd walk by. Otherwise, they know it's you calling. I see this is gonna be an every day thing. Ugh.

LOL! That is too true!

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