You Like Frappuccinos?

I know y'all probably think I live in Starbucks, but I just have to share this exchange. First, let me introduce you to Mr. Cornrows. He's not officially here working but he's busy hanging out with his fellow buddies who are behind the counter. Mr. Cornrows is trying to talk to this young lady who came in here and ordered a frappuccino.

This is how weak his game is:

"You like frappuccinos? Yeah, me too. So what's your name? You don't have one? Aw, come on girl, I don't bite. What's your name?"

I'd say he's pretty unsuccessful in his efforts to engage her in any kind of conversation. Wouldn't you say so?

So, as she's heading to the exit, he calls out, "Nice meeting you. You know I work here, right?"

She looked over her shoulder at him with an expression that said, "Like I care," but instead answered, "Yes, I know." Her hand kept on pushing the door open and her feet kept right on moving.

The minute this young lady left, Mr. Cornrows, complete with bad skin, and a baggy Cal State Dominguez Hills sweatshirt on, jumped up to go brag to the other guys behind the counter.

"Y'all see how she was checkin' for me, right?" They just started clowning him. "She ain''t interested in you!" one replied. "Didn't you see her? She kept on walking!"

"Well she don't want to look like a ho in front of y'all two and you know I don't talk to hoodrats."

More laughter, as another employee said, "She's thinking your belly might make a good pillow!"

Mr. Cornrows is not trying to hear that though. "Sure I may have put on some more weight when I was working over at KFC, but that don't mean I still can't work it when it counts."

Eww... now, this young lady was probably 5'1'' and 90 pounds. Mr. Cornrows is probably 5' 8" and 240. I think he's thinking of either smothering her or crushing her to death in bed.

They're still laughing at him. "I'll bet you just wanna eat her for a midnight snack. Thought she looked good, didn't you? Good enough to eat!"

Oh lawdy, I just laughed out loud at that one and Mr. Cornrows just said, and he's laughing too, "See, why y'all gotta embarrass a brotha in front of the customers?"

They are all laughing now. And, wow, I love my life sometimes.


none said…
That was an interesting eavesdrop.

I usually stay away from starbucks because I end up spending as much on two coffees and a snack as I would going to a sit down restaurant ;)
Liz Dwyer said…
I always hear interesting things when I'm in the particular Starbucks. It is easy to go broke by going to Starbucks, but it does help that I gave up drinking coffee last January and am now working on eliminating all caffeinated beverages from my diet. Plus, I like my pants to fit so I avoid the food in there. The calorie counts on some of those snacks are the equivalent of a cheeseburger.
Anonymous said…
liz - we're neighbors or roomies or something. i'm just saying i live in starbucks too... or at least it seems like it to the friends who always happen to call, ask what i'm doing and hear "i'm at starbucks." for awhile i used to actually slowly whisper it, because it was embarrassing...

i've finally lowered my intake to the lowest-calorie-coffee beverage i can handle. iced soy latte... according to their web site, the ice makes it lower-cal even than the hot soy latte.

i think i could go on and on about starbucks.

That young lady won't be back to that particular Starbucks anytime soon BECAUSE she knows he works there. It's not like there aren't a million other ones within a 4-block radius in L.A.
Liz Dwyer said…
It does get a little embarrassing, doesn't it. Everything starts with, "So, I was in Starbucks today and..." I'm only in there so much because they have the T-mobile hotspot and so I can get online. The only things I can drink in there now are the Calm and Passion teas...unless I cheat on my no-caffeine thing and get a chai. I cheated this week. :)
Liz Dwyer said…
Well, the thing is that because that particular SBUX is in a neighborhood called Willowbrook, which is a sliver between Watts and Compton, there aren't a whole lot of other SBUX around. So, she'll probably be back.
velvet said…
Well, I suppose that he can't win the game if he doesn't play, can he? ;)

Still, it makes for some interesting eavesdropping for you and some good entertainment for his friends.


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