All That Happens In A Week

Seven whole days. Hello again, dear blog world.

This week whizzed by, I worked a whole lot, and before you know it, it's another Sunday and I realized I haven't written here at all. I sometimes get amazed by how quickly it all goes, how quickly time passes. I don't know why that's the case, but I suppose I still remember those days from my childhood where a week seemed like an eternity for something to happen. So, here's a few things that happened to me this past week:

Barack Came to LA:
I really wanted to go to the Barack Obama rally this past Tuesday afternoon. I know that thousands of people went to it which is pretty cool given that it was at two in the afternoon. Why did thousands come out? Well, we all know Barack's inspiring. He's smart. He's got vision. He dresses better than Hillary Clinton. And...(drum roll please!) the real reason some folks probably showed up... he's really hot! The man is seriously good looking and I would have liked to go just to see if he's as smokin' in person as he is on my tv screen. Alas, I had a meeting I couldn't get out of but he got good press in LA.

El Rocker Disses Annie Lennox: At first my youngest son would sing along to Red Hot Chili Pepper songs in the car. Next, he started belting out "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for no good reason. Then, his Aunty Kye got him a soccer ball-shaped acoustic guitar. Now, I have a bonafide rock star in my house.

When we're at home, that guitar is strapped on El Rocker at all times. I get demands like, "I wanna watch rock videos." The more theatrical the performers (30 Seconds to Mars, I'm talking about you) the more he likes it. The other night I was watching Vh1 Classic and the video for the Eurythmic's "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" comes on. I'm reliving the good ole days of the 1980's, singing along and having a great time. Is El Rocker singing along? Oh no, this is what he had to say:

El Rocker: Who's she?
Me: That's Annie Lennox.
El Rocker: She needs a guitar. Yuck. Turn it off, mommy! Turn it off!

I decided that I hate those commercials: "I love everything about him. She's perfect just the way she is." And then the in-love couple stares at each other and kisses. Oh please. Does that sound like the "honeymoon" phase of love or what? Sure, you can say that when you're on a tv commercial and you're being paid to say that. You say that when you've been with the person for two years not ten and they haven't left a half eaten bowl of ice cream out on the coffee table overnight. And then there's the creepy founder of it all, Dr. whatever his name is... I'll just stop there.

Rain +LA = Traffic Disaster: It rained on Thursday. Not the light sprinkle type thing we've been getting but a real ground-soaking rain.

Pros of the rain: My car is clean again. The plants needed water and they got it. Now, lets move on to...

Cons of the rain: People here cannot drive in rain. It's like there's an unwritten law that the minute it starts raining, everybody forgets to turn on their headlights and they start to drive faster and more recklessly. And then they slam on their brakes, skid all over the place and crash into each other. Traffic turns into a real nightmare. How bad, you wonder? Well, I had a meeting out in Huntington Park on Thursday afternoon. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get there from downtown, normally a half hour trip, and on the way home, almost two hours...and it would have been much longer except that I finally gave up on the freeway and jumped on surface streets.

Lucky Number Six: I went to the dentist on Friday morning and, for the first time in my life, I have cavities. In fact, I have six cavities. Oh sure, they're all really teeny-tiny ones but I was depressed all afternoon. I liked being able to say that I didn't have any cavities at all. And now that's over. Sob. It must be the soy chai's I've gotten addicted to over the past year.

So, Sunday rolls back around again and the most important thing of all happened to me this morning, but I won't tell you about it. Thankfully, there' s no rain in the forecast. No clouds in the sky, only the clouds in my heart. Tonight is the Oscar's. I honestly don't know if I will watch or not. I'm still suffering from post traumatic stress disorder over Three-6-Mafia winning for best song last year.

Regardless, I solemnly swear to see you all tomorrow.


Mamita Umita said…
Barack Obama is my dream man at the moment. I have been in love with him for about two years now. I even bought an "I love (heart) Barack Obama" shirt last summer before any of this hub bub about the election and him running started. I am sorry you missed him when he was there, and I am so proud that he is my Senator. If you haven't already, try reading his books, the man is elequent and speaks from his heart.
Liz Dwyer said…
I wouldn't mind having one of those shirts. I looked on his site and they aren't available on there. I hope I can see him next time he swings through LA.
West said…
I'm an Obama fan, too, although in a different way than some of you. :)

Sorry to hear that ya peeps "Can't Stand the Rain." I think I'd be a back-road-drivin'-mofo.

"El Rocker" is pretty doggone funny.
West said…
I hate bad traffic, bad parking, and bad crowd situations, but I might've braved it all to see Obama in-person.

Y'know, I'm pleased with what I've heard from and about him, so far, but I can't help thinking that's due, in-part, to some folks' extreme reactions to him.

Irresponsible "journalism" like that perpetrated by Fox News is precisely the kind of polarizing influence we do not need.
Liz Dwyer said…
There is a definite advantage to driving on surface streets our back roads out here)when it rains out here. The best is when I'm driving through south-central. 75% of the people on the freeway are too scared of what lies beneath the freeway (the hood) and so they stay up on the freeway.
Anonymous said…
Rain is like sheet-ice out here...we are always the only ones in the stores when there is actual rain - more than a few sprinkles. We walk in and the sales clerks gasp, walk forward as if to embrace(!) and exclaim, "we can't believe you came out in all this rain!"

All This Rain. It's rain, man. Rain. Big deal.

On eHarmony: scary indeed. My biggest question is why do all the people who have matched look so much alike? Look at them, they even have same shaped heads; the same teeth! Spooky.

It's like the 'e' is for eugenics or something.
Anonymous said…
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