The Moment We've All Been Waiting For

My Depeche Mode concert is this evening!

I've been in Vegas since early Friday morning. We ended up not leaving home till around 11:30 or so Thursday night. It was smooth sailing east on the 10 FWY and then up the 15...until we hit the Cajon Pass...MASSIVELY thick fog! We couldn't see past five feet in front of the car for about 10 miles. I was so scared! Whatever fatigue I'd had over being up since five in the morning and having a drive to Vegas in front of me was completely erased by fear! What fun, going through ridiculous mountains when you can't even see the road! Driving and praying. Driving and praying!

The fog eased up a bit once we hit Apple Valley but there were still patches of it till Barstow. The middle section of the trip was me and E having nice talks about: Atlanta becoming a Black gay mecca, our families, the old Rose Records in Chicago...and on and on and on. We FINALLY passed the state line at Primm and about five minutes afterwards, O woke up and announced that he had to pee. E was trying to get him to go in an empty Coke bottle while I'm zooming at 90 mph on that crazy downhill into Las Vegas Valley. Needless to say, he missed the bottle and the back of the rental got a nice soaking. Gotta love rentals... the sponging I did Friday morning will dried quickly out here in this crazy heat! We didn't get here till around 4:30 Friday morning and I STILL can't believe I got up at nine (freaking out that I hadn't put my out of office on at work!)

I love visiting with our friend, Kye. I love seeing my kids having a great time with her dogs, Diva and Sheba. The views of the mountains from her backyard are gorgeous. But I dislike Las Vegas.

There is something wrong with a place where the sidewalk is littered with small cards of naked women, where you can spot the johns and their whores, sliding along in their unhappiness and desperation, where even when you're outside, the air smells of cigarettes and impending death.

So, I just keep thinking about the concert I'm going to tonight...I'm gonna see Depeche Mode with my husband and we are going to sing along to "Suffer Well" at the top of our lungs! I'm sure I'll have updates about the show later on tonight!


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