Just Write it Down!

There's too much to write about in all the places I'm busy writing in.

I need to write here but then I feel overwhelmed by all the things I've been wanting to write about. Here's a short list of things I've been collecting in my notebook that I've been wanting to write about, in no particular order:

1) Watching a Black motorcycle gang ride en masse down Imperial Highway. All the kids at Gompers Middle School were hanging off the back fences that line Imperial giving them their props. These dudes were badass on those gigantic Harley's. They all seemed to have a tattooed-up vixen in lace-up boots riding behind them. I was at a stoplight with them and had my windows rolled down a bit because it was feeling a bit summer-like. The biker in the lane next to me blew me a kiss. Aww Shucks!

2) Seeing Corey Clark, the American Idol guy who claimed he had an affair with Paula Abdul in case you can't place the name, selling his CD in front of Hollywood and Highland. I snapped a picture with him and I need to post it. He told me if I bought the CD off of him, it would only cost me $15 instead of the $19 it was inside the record store. I told him I didn't listen to his type of music. He asked me what I listened to. I told him I was into Depeche Mode. "Yeah, yeah, so you like acoustic songs and funky rock. Well, I've got some of that too." Okaay! I wanted to tell him, "Hon, the CD isn't costing me anything...cuz I ain't buyin' it!" Instead I told him I'd think about it.

3) Rereading emails that our recently departed Mr. Caswell Ellis sent me after the birth of Toussaint. I almost never delete personal emails and while looking for something else in my email archives, I came across his warm wishes and thoughtful advice. Mr. Ellis was a second father to my husband and was the "Master of Ceremonies" at our wedding. His death this past December was so unexpected. Oh how I miss him.

4) I can't stand that "Beautiful" song by James Blount. I never want to hear it again. It needs to go curl up and die. I also think 50 Cent needs to stop trying to sing over his songs. He has such a lazy mumble and come on, isn't he rich enough to afford Nate Dogg? Tyrese? Somebody!

5) I learned how to make sushi! I went to Urth Cafe and Bodhi Tree bookstore with marvelous Jenny Tan last week. Then we went and made sushi with Lena S. and I actually learned how to make a California Roll!

6) I need to write in my diary...no, I don't know what you thought, but this is not my diary and yes I do have one. Sometimes my diary includes the same vapid and inane thoughts that I might post here, such as, "Dear Diary, Today I ran around the track in Bellevue Park for 35 minutes and thought of all the people I hate and hope to look better than in the near future." But most of the time, I avoid cluttering my diary with such thoughts. Thank goodness those pages are spared.

7) I'm FINALLY taking a writing class. My first class was last week and I really enjoyed it. I was really terrified to go to it and the reasons for that are too numerous to list here but basically boil down the the fear that I'll take the class and won't be able to cut it. I am supposed to be writing a character sketch this week...and reading three short stories!

8) One week till I'm in Las Vegas at the Depeche Mode concert. I'm having a hard time picturing what this whole general admission thing is going to really look like. I don't want to stand in line for hours. But I will. If I have to. I think. What to wear to this concert is another issue. I'm getting a custom-made t-shirt for it. There's another DM fan that makes them and it has some of the lyrics from Suffer Well on the back. "Please don't speak, you'll only lie." Our culture does have issues with honesty so I think my shirt will be perfect!

9) I really like Georgette Heyer novels. I'm reading "These Old Shades" right now. Justin Alastair, Duke of Avon is the epitome of the Georgian Era rake. And of course, he's becoming reformed!

10) I hope NOBODY goes to see Mission Impossible III. Mostly because I've never liked Tom Cruise. I try to avoid his films and have mostly been successful at this. I've only seen parts of Risky Business. I've seen The Firm which was ok, and someone I know rented Magnolia and told me it was a good movie. I watched it with this person and was mad at the end because it was stupid and felt like I'd wasted HOURS of my life. I've never found Tom Cruise attractive. He's an ok actor. I've just always thought he was creepy and I don't want to give him any of my money.

Oh, this was such a lazy way to write about all these things because I have so much more to say about each one of them but I really needed to at least get them in motion. I needed to just write it down.


I hate that "Beautiful" song too! That makes two of us amidst the millions that swoon over it.

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