Personal Goals

It's that time of year when everyone new is trying to get to know each other. Everyone is trying to figure out where they fit into the picture and how we all work together. I had to fill out a sheet at work that asked for my personal goals, professional goals, working styles, and how I like to receive feedback.

Really what everyone wants to know is, "Am I working with a team of cutthroat assholes?" and "Will the new boss be tyrant who believes that teamwork is us running around doing his bidding."

Anyway, I filled it out and I thought I'd share my personal goals here. Perhaps it will make me more accountable to them.

· Go out with only Elarryo at least twice a month.
· Plan schedule so Elarryo feels more like a husband and less like a babysitter.
· Read and practice letters and numbers with Olinga and Toussaint on a daily basis.
· Take Olinga to Baha'i Sunday School at least 2x/month.
· Cook dinner at least 3x/week
· Plan family vacations in advance.
· Send real cards to non-LA friends at least twice outside of holidays.
· Dinner/outing with LA friends once a month
· Finish first draft of novel.
· Complete Artist’s Way class.
· Take at least one writing class and one knitting class.
· Continue to read one book a week
· Exercise at least 4x/week.
· Avoid junk food while out on observations/meetings.

I should have also included a FANTASY heading...

· Buy winning lottery ticket


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