Going Ons

  • CP Time: Have you ever received a birthday party invitation where the party is listed as starting at 2:30 and it actually doesn't start till 4:30? This past Saturday, I took Olinga and Toussaint to their friend Shelsea's party. Now I can say I've attended a birthday party where there were rented ponies for the kids to ride, there was a My Little Pony jumper and four pinatas. The last pinata had CASH in it. There was also a 3-tiered cake.

    The little girl, Shelsea, turned FOUR! She's gonna be able to be on that My Super Sweet Sixteen show at this rate. I was also the only non-Spanish speaking person at the party. My kids know more Espanol than I do. I felt like a big dumb ass when I would sit down next to people and introduce myself and they'd smile and say, "No speak English." Great.

    We finally left at close to 9 pm. Everyone else was still going strong. Does the work environment I am surrounded by make me forget about CP Time? Is CP Time a bad thing?

  • Prostitutes: Why is it that there are prostitutes out on Figueroa Street, three blocks from schools with their booty shorts on...at 8:00 in the MORNING?? Who are you picking up at that time? And, if you are soliciting at that time, what do you do, drop your kids off at school and then say, "Hmm...I think I'll go see if Juanita's on the corner."

    If you've ever seen that movie Three Strikes (yes, the wack one written by DJ Pooh) there's a scene where the guy picks up the stripper that has just been laid off from the club. She's strolling down the street in her stripper gear, booty all hanging out of the barely there thong/shorts. Now when, you see the movie, you think to yourself, "Do people really wear that kind of stuff out in public?" The answer is, unfortunately, yes, if you are a prostitute. And you get a good view of the junk-in-the-trunk when folks are leaned over the car of the man picking them up. Ripples and everything. How sad if you are a student and that's your moms.

  • Rain: We got a real thunderstorm here yesterday. Lightening. Thunder. Downpour. The first rain since sometime in May. It was great...until I saw on the news about all the trash and "urban runoff" being swept out to the Pacific. Yeah, Surfin' USA.

  • I-Tunes: I finally got with the program and installed I-Tunes on my computer. Why? Because Depeche Mode is doing the concert presale thru I-Tunes. My first three downloads: Home by Depeche Mode, Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol, and Friends by Jody Watley. Hmm...What do those three songs say about me?

  • Going to D.C.: I'm going to this TFA Alumni Summit/Staff conference in less than two weeks. I hope this is fun and not boring. I need some new outfits for it. Psyched because Jenny Tan is coming! Whoo hoo!

  • Hurricanes: I really am obsessed with this hurricane tracking feature on the msnbc website.

  • Michigan State vs Notre Dame: I would have seen this entire game except I felt I had to arrive somewhat promptly to the aforementioned CP Time Birthday party. I only saw the game up till halftime. Then we went to the party. Who knew I didn't really need to go to the party till two hours later? Now I keep hearing people say, "Did you see that game? It was the best football game ever!"


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