She sits in the chair.

Wearing sheer white wife-beater with a barely there bra underneath.

Eyebrows plucked pencil thin. Black liquid eyeliner slathered on thicker than the width of her eyebrows.

Purple lip liner and light lavendar lip gloss filling in.

Nose pierced. Lip piereced. Three sets of silver hoops hanging out of the ears.

Faded-blue low-rise jeans. Leopard print thong showing when she sits down.

Hair in a high ponytail slightly off to the side. Blonde streaks slither through the blackness.

Drawing in a Hello Kitty notebook.

No, she’s not 21. She’s 12. Sitting in a classroom chair. Bored out of her mind and making sure we all know it.


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Liz Dwyer said…

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