Mo' Boots

Idle Thoughts:

1.0 Jessica Simpson's Boots Made for Walking or whatever the hell it's called. ..First off, it's a horrible remake of a classic song. Jess is really trying to put the Southern twang into her voice when she sings and it just sounds incredibly artificial and studio enhanced.

1.1 The Boots video. "Look at that girl with the Daisy Dukes on..." Ms. Simpson must have taken some booty shakin' /stripperella lessons from someone at Spearmint Rhino (or some other similarly named club featured in the back pages of the LA Weekly). Instead, she should have hired a better choreographer. The dancing is stilted and the camera shots make the whole group dance scene look extremely awkward.

1.2 With about a minute left, the video changes into a soft core porno with America's favorite ditzy Pastor's Daughter channeling Britney Spears' "Slave 4 U" look...yes it's all very secular in that pink bikini. It's obvious someone saw Paris Hilton's Carl's Jr. ad and figured she could wash cars too. So we are subjected to Jess washing the General Lee in the aforementioned pink triangles of fabric. She actually humps the car. TWICE! It's REALLY embarrasing.

1.3 It don't matter if you're Black or White? Well, sorry Mr. Jackson but see, this IS the difference:
    • If you are Black and you hump cars, you are a video ho.
    • If you are White and hump the car, you are Jessica Simpson or Paris
      Hiltion, America's Sweethearts.
2. I went to Bally's today for the first time in months. I went to the downtown location (Macy's Plaza) during my "lunch". Quotation marks because there was no EATING involved!. I did not fall off any of the equipment despite my lack of Bally's attendance. But because I have this nasty cold, I probably should have abstained from exercising like a maniac. This morning when I got up, I believed that a good bout of exercise would exorcise the demons of the hellish cold from my immune system. I was wrong.

2.1 What's up with Bally's validating parking but not fully validating? I still had to pay a whole dollar! Why not just validate the whole cost?

3. 0 It's almost my 6th wedding anniversary...August 7th will equal 6 years.

3.1 Time flies when you're having fun.

4.0 Finally bought a copy of Toure's "The Portable Promised Land" off of Ebay for $2. I think I'll give it to Elarryo for our anniversary.

5.0 Jude Law cheats on his fiancee Sienna Miller with the nanny. Since he cheated on his wife in the past, is this supposed to be a surprise? Now Sienna Miller is supposedly getting comfy with my celebrity crush, Orlando Bloom? I don't believe that for a second. I won't believe that unless I run into them on the street.

6.0 Realized that my brother Chris turned 41 last week. I haven't talked to him in years and it's strange to think of him as being so old. My sister will be 39 on her birthday. We are getting OLD!

7.0 Echinacea has been found to do no good as a cold remedy. The world really is coming to an end.


Steve said…
Jessica Simpson is (in my opinion) one of the most overexposed marginally talented people on television right now. It appears as though she owes her entire celebrity to the fact that she let MTV show what a slob she is on that show, "The Newlyweds." I've never heard her do a remake of a song any justice - I'm specifically thinking of "Take My Breath Away," the classic from Berlin, which I heard her sing while suffering from what looked like an epileptic fit.

The idea that she and Paris are considered America's Sweethearts, unfortunately, seems to be a product of the media, not the individual. I've scarcely met anyone with an IQ higher than a thimble's or who is older than 18 who is remotely interested in either of them. I know several people around town here who do consider both of them as ho-ish.

Still, at least Jessica has a step above her sister Ashlee, who owes her celebrity simply to being Jessica's sister.

Happy Anniversary, btw. and I like the blog.

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