Happenings and Thoughts

1) Driving on Southbound 101 freeway this morning just before 9 am and witnessed a guy on the Alvarado overpass take a gun out of us duffle bag and crouch down, aiming the gun into traffic. I called 911 and was put on hold for three minutes.

2) A new reality show is called "Brat Camp". Notice how all the brats are white?

3) Live 8: How about those musicians and actors just forfeit their incomes for a year as a demonstration of what the G8 countries should do? I don't care about Ashley Judd being shocked by teenage prostitutes in Madagascar...how about she agrees to not receive $2 million for her next picture and donates it to charities instead? (Oh, but that would be "throwing money" at the problem and we can't have that!)

4) Hustle and Flow: Everytime I see the trailers on tv, I just want to laugh! It looks SO stupid! Pimpin' ain't easy baby...

5) I've had my hair braided for three weeks and I still haven't sent my sister a picture.

6) Amerie's new song "Touch" is HOT!

7) R. Kelly waving a gun around in his "Trapped in the Closet" videos is SO unbelievable.

8) Olinga starts his gymnastics class tomorrow!


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