And This Is Why Depeche Mode Is The Best Band On the Planet

Depeche Mode starts the U.S. leg of the Delta Machine tour in a few days...which means that in September they'll be heading to the west coast and  I'll be wearing more black than usual, screaming at concerts, and resurrecting my #MartinGoreIsTheBombdizzle hashtag on Twitter.

All the folks who only follow me on social media because of my interest in education are going to be like, wait, is this "Reach out and touch faith" tweet a secret new education reform campaign designed to help kids learn enough so that our economy can still BEAT CHINA, yo?

I don't know about that but I do know that in this studio clip of them recording a stripped down version of the track "Broken" is giving me life! And to think I gave this song a C+ back in March...Somebody slap me.


ola said…
They really are the best!

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