For Real, That Jason Wu For Target Stuff Is Kinda Ugly

Yes, I know everybody loves Jason Wu because he's designed some great stuff for our First Lady. Yes, I know I was supposed to be going crazy over him designing clothes for Target. And yes, I know I'm supposed to be outraged over the greedy duo that rolled up into a Target in Miami and bought up ALL the Jason Wu clothing in the store. While that is totally shady, I can't help but think that those vultures are going to have a hard time selling it on eBay...because the Jason Wu stuff is seriously ugly. 

C'mon now, you can't tell me you are DYING to spend your hard-earned ducats on any of the stuff in the above photo. $44.99 for a "short-sleeve printed cycle dress" that looks like something I might have worn when I was six? I know it's all hipsterrific to wear dresses like this, but it has so much I-almost-got-made-into-a-dishtowl action going on that I just can't with it.

Also, can someone please tell Mr. Wu to STOP making those horrid pleated skirts? It's well known that pleated skirts look fabulous on pretty much no one--and if you want to tell me that they look great on you, go on and keep deluding yourself. All that excess fabric is not doing any figure any favors. And let's talk about this blouse that Wu thinks we should be pairing with that black pleated skirt:
If we saw Mrs. Obama in this, we would not be hailing her as a fashionista. We'd be asking ourselves, why does Mrs. Obama dress like someone's geriatric grandma?

Am I a hater? Call me that if you like. I just can't get amped for unattractive clothes that are probably cheaply made--cheap fabrics, poor cut, terrible fit. I hear it's sold out. I don't know why.


Candice said…
I totally agree! I think people are paying for the name not the clothes and I have never been one to do that. If its cute and reasonable priced I'll buy almost anything but expensive and ugly can stay in the store forever!
Kristina said…
I came across your blog when Googling "jason wu target ugly." I went to Target on Sunday for my usual weekend run and was very confused to see the mobs of hungry women in the clothes section. Then I saw the Jason Wu sign. And then I saw the clothes they were all hungrily groping at. And THEN I said, "say whaaat?" They were not only ugly, they looked seriously cheap. Like, worse than Forever 21. They didn't even look as "nice" as usual Target brands. I just don't get it. At least when they did the Missoni launch I could kind of see the appeal, though those clothes weren't for me. But this stuff? I just don't get it.
Homatav said…
My 16 y.o fashionista has been dying to go to Target for Jason Wu and I've felt terrible for being too busy to go. Your post makes me feel better. I'm not such a bad mom - I'm protecting her from the ugly!
Sholeh said…
Oh I totally agree with you! I hadn't really seen their stuff but now I'm just not impressed. I don't understand why people lose their minds over it.
i wondered what all the fuss was about also!
Sundry said…
Speaking truth to fashion is a brave, brave thing.

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