Record Check: Seven Songs to Rock on a Seven Mile Run

Oh lordy, tomorrow morning I'm running seven miles with my marathon training group. That wouldn't be a big deal except that I spent this whole week under the weather. Fever. Aches. Pains. Emotional distress. Stress...I feel a lil off my game.
But you know what might save me? Music.

Sure, my dancing-all-night-at-the-club days are probably over--no more last-night-a-DJ-saved-my-life-ing. But, heck, the DJ's I love sure can help me out tomorrow at 7 a.m. Here are seven tracks that I'll be rocking during my run:

1) Norman Doray--"Kalifornia" (David Tort Remix): If someone wrote a book about great electro house tracks, this recently relased banger would have to be in it. I put this on my playlist just this week and I love how it starts out a little mellow and gradually builds up till it drops at the 2:00 mark.

Also, for the uninitiated, if you find yourself saying, "why are the intro beats so freakin' long" on this or any other song, remember that these songs are made by DJs so that DJs can make the club move. They need that time to align two different tracks while they're mixing.

2) Rusko--"Everyday" (Rusko Remix):
This song just rocks. It should be on every workout playlist from here to eternity. I think folks are calling this genre "drumstep". All I know is listen to the song and you'll understand why "the sun is shining everyday."

3) Adele--"Set Fire to the Rain" (Thomas Gold Remix):
I have been known to belt this out while running down the street. Sorry if I damaged your eardrums while I passed you on Sunset Boulevard. It just brings the fire!

4) Mason featuring Roisin Murphy--"Boadicea" (Evil Nine Remix): I crossed the finish line of my first and second marathon listening to Irish-born singer Roisin Murphy's "Overpowered". She's one of my favorite singers and she's guesting on this track titled after the ancient Irish warrior queen that saved civilization. No joke, this song gives me a boost of energy every time I hear it.

5) Calvin Harris featuring Kelis--"Bounce":  Kelis' smooth voice over Calvin's video-game beats = crazy fresh. I love that she's doing more electronic music these days (I regularly rock "Spaceship" the song she did with Benny Benassi, too.) And at a mere 3:40, if you're running intervals, this is a fun song to pick up the pace to for a few minutes.

6) Sia--"Clap Your Hands" (Prince Vince Mix): No matter how tired I am on a run, if this track comes on, it makes me feel so happy. Sure, running is physical, but so much of it is mental, too. If I can believe I can get through the run, I will. And when this track comes on, I'm too busy singing and smiling to notice that I still have a bunch of miles left to go.Yeah, I'm gonna need this one tomorrow.
7) Stromae vs Dance All Stars--"Alors en Danse" (DJs From Mars HyperBootleg Remix): This track really is 30 years of dance music in 3 minutes and 41 seconds. A lil C +C Music Factory mixed with some Daft it's so fun to sing along in French--that always makes the miles go more quickly. 
If these tracks don't get me through this run, nothing will. Cross your fingers for me!


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