Xzibit last night on Pimp My Ride reruns:

"Your grandma smokes?
Wow! Her lungs must be blacker than I am."

My sister smokes.
My Dad smokes.
My Aunt Sharon smokes.
My Uncle Jonathan smoked.
My Uncle Charles smoked.

Olinga hates smokers. Almost every day we drive by a pack of smokers hanging out on the corner of Vermont and Clinton, outside of the Chiropractic Institute. They obviously want a healthy back but aren't so worried about the lungs. Olinga calls them smokies, (not smokers) as in, "Hey ma, you see those smokies? They are disgusting!"

If only he keeps that sentiment for the rest of his life.


Anonymous said…
HaHa! Olinga is mah boy. (& don't die liz or he might really be : )

I feel like i'm all nosey up in your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

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