Have you ever said things to someone that were so cruel and mean that the moment it's out of your mouth you wish you could pull the words back in? Let's have some cruel comment starters:
  • You know why no one likes you and you don't have any friends? I'll tell you why.
  • You want to know what I really think? Ok, I'll tell you what I really think.

I'm sure I'm not alone in having a moment of just sheer bad behavior and anger...and I do feel guilty for thinking such evil thoughts. There's nothing worse than seeing the look of shock on someone's face when you have said something so irrevocably cruel. You see the way they look at you change. You see their spirit being feel a bit crushed yourself. But then it's easier to try to rationalize it by convincing yourself that they somehow deserved it.

Sometimes I think the words slip out a bit more easily when they've been said to you at some point in your life. When they've been said to you, it's probably easier to imagine saying them to someone else...easier to want someone to feel exactly how you've been made to feel.


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