It's the remix to ignition...hot and fresh out the kitchen! On Friday the 13th I went out to the Spanish Kitchen over on La Cienega in-between Melrose and Santa Monica for dinner with some friends. Good food (overpriced though) and very good conversation with our dear Jenny Tan, Tina Kim, Ramon Richardson (celebrating his birthday), Mide Macauley, and Pablo Depaz.

I usually don't sit with my back to a room so I missed out on people watching to the extent I would have liked but I can tell you that turquoise tank tops and blond hair are hot again this spring with that set. It's also amazing to see so many beautiful women with so many unattractive, unkempt looking men. You see it on sitcoms all the time...the portly and sloppy beer-swilling husband with the size zero, constantly made-up wife. But I digress...

We walked out to turn in our valet tickets at around 11:15. Come to find out, one of the valet employees broke my car key off in the ignition. They had to tell me three or four times that that was what had happened because I just didn't believe it. Long story short, after 2 1/2 hours of going back and forth with locksmiths and the valet attendant Robert, no extracting the key. Jenny was nice enough to wait for me. It turns out that Robert lives all the way in Pomona but he was great about getting back out here this morning and getting another locksmith to come. He then drove the car over here. I gave him a ride to the train-station. I am glad that I didn't have to pay the money to get the key out of the ignition, but I have the sinking feeling that it was coming out of one of the valet's paychecks. Those guys clearly can't afford it. But I didn't want to pay for it myself so what to do. Friday the 13th...but I'm not superstitious!


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