Shock Value

I find that I am in shock over a few things that have happened this week: and there are a few things that just are out of the box.

1) Notre Dame's loss to Pitt yesterday. I now firmly believe that Ty Willingham needs to go. That game was a ridiculous loss and it's the 2nd time this season that ND has given away a game so shamefully. First, there was the humiliation by Boston College, a team that a flea should be able to this debacle. It was such a heart-wrenching loss, especially after ND tied the game with the field goal that bounced in off the goal posts. Ty, you need to resign.

2) My sister and her family are actually coming out for Thanksgiving. Tickets were purchased Sunday...everyone is coming: Cyndee, Collin, Myles and bro-in-law Michael. Olinga is estatic. He asks me every day if Collin is on the airplane.

3) A producer at CBS news was fired for interrupting the showing of CSI in order to give a special report on the passing of Yasser Arafat. Folks were angry that they were missing the end of the show.

4) My mother is not speaking to anyone in our family. Oh, wait, I guess that's not a shocker.

5) Y
esterday's passing of O.D.B. Although I was not a huge fan of much of his music, and cringed a bit at the reality of his infamous food stamp adventure, he does share the same initials as my son....and there were a few snickers on my part about that fact when my son was named. He was only 35...I feel really sorry for the 13 kids he left behind. Will royalties from "Baby I got your money" support them all? Kelis singing the hook and sounding a little like El Debarge...I haven't heard that in awhile.

6) John Ashcroft resigned. Need I say more?

6.5) Rod Paige, No Child Left Behind proponent is about to resign. Maybe he'll issue an apology for calling the N.E.A. a terrorist organization. Do know that I'm not holding my breath.

7) Scott Peterson found guilty. I was convinced that given all the jurors kicked off, that he would walk.

8) Almost no one in the national media but Keith Olbermann is reporting on the ill-lection voting irregularities.

9) I saw on NBC Nightly News that because of high levels of estrogen in streams and rivers (due to pollution) male fish are developing female sex organs.

10) Toussaint continues to take steps towards walking independence and enjoys dancing. He also is starting to throw temper tantrums.


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