Gone Til November

Back in Los Angeles after an exciting week in D.C.!

Here are some of the highlights of my trip:
1) Gave a presentation and no tomatoes were thrown. No boos or hisses either.
2) Went out on Capitol Hill on election night. At that point, it was just starting to look like a Bush win.
3) Noted how sorrows were being drowned in Heineken.
4) Fun dinner at La Tomate in DuPont Circle and also enjoyed the smores at Cosi. Why don't we have a Cosi here in L.A.?
5) Plane ride to and from on Jet Blue. I'm in love with the comfy airline seats and I especially liked being able to watch Moulin Rouge to and from. "Here we are now, entertain us..."
6) Fall leaves. You just don't get that fall feeling in L.A. the way you do when you are on the east coast.

Downsides of the trip:
1) Missing my family. T started walking while I was gone.
2) Sitting for hours and hours. And hours. My legs felt like putty by Thursday.
3) Bedbugs in the hotel bed? Every morning I woke up with new bites around my ankles. I'm speculating here, but I think the Washington Plaza hotel may need new mattresses.
4) Jet lag.


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