T Turns One And Watches The Debate

Happy Birthday Dear T!

At exactly 3:00 p.m. one year ago today, T came into this world and forever changed our existence for the better. We had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday at Nelly's house. For those who don't know, Nelly is the lady that watches T and big brother O during the day. They love her so much and she loves them dearly as well. It turns out that Nelly's husband Lucho has the same birthday as T, so there were two birthday boys at the party. They very generously gave T a lovely gift, his first pair of shoes, perfect for the baby that is still learning to walk. Lucho will be celebrating in Vegas for the weekend...T still has a few years to get to that point.

Warm Birthday wishes were received from Grandma, Aunt Cyndee, Uncle Mike, Cousins Collin and Myles, and a host of loving ladies: Aunty Kye, Leili, Aunty Jenny, and Aunty Diana. They are all very sweet to remember him in this way!

We sang happy birthday and blew out the candles twice: Once for O and once to give Frida Rose a chance to blow. T just wanted to grab the flame from the single candle. The birthday boy wasn't too interested in eating his cake. In typical baby fashion, he was more focused on massaging the frosting and then wiping his fingers on his hands. O and Frida Rose devoured their cake with relish, as did chocolate fiend E.

We then ran around and played on the jungle gyms in the backyard in order to work off our sugar-high. T is clearly enjoying his mobility. He kept making a beeline for Nelly's apple tree, finally scoring one of the bite sized apples that had fallen from the tree. Nelly washed it and peeled it for him and he proudly held out his hand to me to share.

The interesting thing is that I think that T knew somehow that it was a special day for him. He's usually so good natured...and today he was especially jovial and full of smiles. We will probably do another celebration for him tomorrow since we had 2 certificates for free cakes. We used one for the party at Nelly's and we'll probably do another small party here at home...probably more for O's benefit than anything. O loves to party! He asked every day for the past week if it was time for the birthday party yet, and actually got up this morning, and sang happy birthday to T. At the end of the party at Nelly's, O said, "Party's over? Oh man!" Never fear...pictures will be posted soon!

Now O is poring over a circular that came from Party City featuring Halloween costumes. Goodness...he's decided that I can be some sort of witch/ghost thing. "Don't be scared mommy. It's just pretend." Hmm...let's see if he has bad dreams tonight. He has asked me if we can decorate the house with bats, spider webs, and skeleton. I don't know about all that. I don't mind dressing up as a book character or something for Halloween...but I don't like the focus on the evil and the macabre in the holiday. Here's a rather objective take Halloween's Origins.

Other happenings:
Fabulous Friday Night last week with Jenny Tan and Shelly Wang. Last Friday, my two lovely Chinese sisters took their Low wei pal to indulged in some very delicious vegetarian kung pao chicken at Happy Family in Monterey Park. YUM! We also went to Tea Station in San Gabriel. It was the best. Their tea is like crack: You have some and then you immediately want more! (Understand that I have never smoked crack... This is just a metaphor!) I highly recommend the ginger tea. Perfection. Haven't had the likes of this since I left Zhong Guo.

Daphne and Brady came to town for a wedding. We went to The Pantry for lunch...well, everybody but Elarryo went. He stayed home to study and then we picked him up before heading to The Grove so that Brady could go to the Apple store for some computer part. I had a great time in Nordstroms with Daphne, hunting for a shawl/wrap for her to wear to the wedding since it's so chilly at night. After eons of hunting through badly cut, overpriced clothing, she did find a shawl/poncho that looked beautiful on her. I haven't seen the two of them for almost 1.5 years so it was great to see them...I thought for quite awhile about how with some people, you just feel so comfortable with them that you feel like it was just yesterday that you were hanging out with them.

Presidential Debates: I watched the VP Debate the other night. I didn't really like either Cheney or Edwards but I was struck by how unaware Cheney was of the statistics on HIV infection of black women. The presidential debate tonight: I don't think either one of them really won. I thought Bush was rude to the moderator. I thought Kerry was trying to make a joke about the Red Sox and it fell flat...but that's not going to compel me to vote one way or another. Can't wait till next Wednesday for round 3!

Am I the ONLY person in Los Angeles wondering why we don't have an H&M store here yet? Washington D.C. has one and we don't? There's one in Schaumburg, IL and not here? That's criminal!


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