Billy Crudup Secretly Lives on Vermont and Slauson

One of my co-workers is taking a class at UCLA where they get to preview movies that are going to be released soon. Last night, she got to watch the movie Stage Beauty starring Billy Crudup and Claire Danes.

Then, Billy appeared live, in person, to answer questions about the movie. I asked Amy, the girl I work with, what kind of questions were asked. She says that only one person asked about his relationship with Claire Danes and whether the whole Bennifer debacle made him want to be more undercover...and get this, the questioner was hissed and booed by the audience for prying into his personal life!

Should that audience have just been focused on the film? Isn't that a little bit unrealistic? How can you NOT wonder certain things while watching the Billster on screen with an actress that he left his 8-months pregnant girlfriend for? Hmm...Maybe, given the sterotypes about Black men, we should be asking him,

Billy, is you passing? (and we don't mean passing the football honey!)
Billy, do you now sing that infamous rap song, That's just my baby daddy?
Billy, how do you deal with Baby Mama Drama?
Billy, how do you keep in shape since it's kinda hard to jog in South
Central and there are no gyms around?

Hmm...maybe it's not just Black men that don't marry the mothers of their children.


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