Blog Withdrawl

Hard to believe but has been 12 days since I've posted here.


Too busy? No. That's just an excuse.
Too bored? My mother always said, "Only boring people get bored."
Too blocked to write? Maybe, somewhat.
Too...ugh. Too something.

I have had too much going on actually. I haven't really processed everything. I've been thinking about my this space. But I haven't written anything. Shame on me for neglecting you Los Angelista.

I did go to the Burbank airport today for the first time ever. I went to pick up Jenny. She was coming back from a TFA conference in the Bay. She had a good time. I picked her up and then dropped her at home in Pasadena.

I also watched the Omen trilogy. Ever notice how nobody names their child Damien? I wonder whatever happened to that little boy that starred in the 1st one?


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