White Brothers and Sisters, if You Do Nothing...

Anybody else just feeling that deep kind of anger today?

"I'm going to tell them there's an African American man threatening my life."

New York City 2020. Christian Cooper, a black man in Central Park — WHO IS WATCHING BIRDS NO LESS — asks Amy Cooper, a white woman, to leash her dog, and she calls the police. Tells the dispatch he's African American and threatening her life.

I've sat with this news story for HOURS now and the more I think about it, the ANGRIER I am.

Amy Cooper knew EXACTLY what she was doing and she should be charged with all the charges, and never be employable in the United States again unless she starts going around giving talks about how she has transformed her heart and dedicated her life to eradicating white supremacy from the United States. OTHERWISE? Nah.

OK. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. At least until an officer in Minneapolis decides to KNEEL ON YOUR NECK.

George Floyd's alleged crime was FORGERY. AKA Forgery While Black.

This brother got a knee on the neck and gasped for breath until he stopped breathing. For your own sanity, DO NOT watch that snuff video. I wish I hadn't watched it. Because it's been hours since I watched and I still want to scream every cuss word I know cos wow, think of Dylann Roof who shot up Emanuel AME Church, murdered NINE BLACK PEOPLE WHO WERE PRAYING. Got no knee on his neck. Got escorted to a squad car all nice and polite and friendly.

My white brothers and sisters — it is YOUR friends, and co-workers, and family, and neighbors who are KILLING US. It needs to get real within your six degrees of separation about eradicating racism because you are a bystander if you say nothing. You are a silent participant in and beneficiary of white supremacy if you do nothing.


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