Election Day

Today was the mayoral primary here in L.A.
Will Jim Hahn prevail? Will Villagairosa stick it to him, finally? Will a blob like Bob Hertzberg get a place in the runoff? Inquiring minds want to know.

This past week, our "Union Household" has been deluged by pollers wanting to know for whom we were voting and why. Elarryo tells them it's against his beliefs to tell them who he's voting for. Since they were calling every day, I told them a different name and reason every day just to mess with their numbers. Was that wrong?

I voted this morning and proudly wore my, "I VOTED" sticker till it fell off my suit. There was no buzz around voting in this election and no one else at my job had their sticker on. Maybe I'm just a nerd and not realizing that most folks throw that sticker away. More likely, no one else voted. I guess who the mayor of a city is doesn't have much to do with closing the achievement gap.


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