Don't go chasing waterfalls

I ventured out today. Nowhere particularly noteworthly, I just went to Vons on Sunset. What makes this particular trip to the grocery store one for the record books is our beautiful Southern California weather.

When I left my house, the clouds were beginning to pull away from the tops of the buildings and the incessant drumming of a billion raindrops had finally ceased. I drove up Virgil, turned into the Vons parking lot and bounced out of the car with my umbrella up, ready to zoom through the store and pick up strawberries, Elarryo's chocolate chip bagels, and some paper towels. I felt a bit like a fool having my umbrella up since there was no rain falling and I got a few looks from other customers in the parking lot. You know the looks, saying so subtly, "Doesn't this chick know it's not raining anymore?"

A few cart-pushes around the perimeter of the store (remember, if you stick to the perimeter, you avoid junk-food) and I was ready to check out. Heading back up to the front of the store, an explosive crack of thunder made everyone jump. I counted, "One-one thousand, two-one..." Yep there was the lightning. I paid for my goods and hovered with my shopping cart by the sliding doors. Outside, it was like that scene from The Last of the Mohicans where they are in the cave in back of the waterfall. After waiting 20 minutes to see if it would let up, I decided to just make a run for it with my shopping cart. I got soaked. The water was coming down horizontally and the parking lot was flooded. The water came up about 5 inches above my ankles. After frantically throwing everything in the trunk, I ended up sitting in the car for another 20 minutes trying to see if it would let up so I could drive home. It didn't let up. I finally just drove home with my hazards on. No one could drive in the right lanes on the road because it was just a river of water, flush with the sidewalk. I am dreading the drive to work tomorrow.


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