Today I Wish I Was Six

Remember those days when the only thing you had to worry about was how to coerce your parents into taking you to Toys-R-Us?

To your left are some prime examples of begging to go to Toys-R-Us faces, just in case you have never seen one live and in-person.

The begging was unsuccessful. Their disappointment was heartbreaking.

Ah, if that was all I had to worry about...I'm facing another 80 plus hour work week this week. It has me wishing I was six.

Think about it, if I was six, it wouldn't matter that I just wrote on the front of my white shirt. I have meetings till 10 pm and I'll be wearing this white shirt. In fact, if I was six years old, folks would expect me to spill things on myself, to write on myself.

If I was six, I wouldn't have to be figuring out how I can work 80 plus hours and still go get my hair done. Right now, I wish I had dredlocks . Either dreds or I want to cut all my hair off and have a short 'fro.

But if I was six, I wouldn't have this blog. And I would miss all of you all that are so kind and leave me comments. So, I guess I'll take the schedule, knowing my life will be more normal in two weeks.


Jameil said…
80 hrs is ridic. 60 makes me want to shoot myself.
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, it's very ridiculous. But if I chose not to do it then there'd be no way I could meet the expectations set for me. Sigh.
So you're working 762 hours a week, and you're saying you don't have time to go to Toys R Us?

What's the problem exactly?

Actually, it sounds as if YOU are the one who most needs the toys. I hope this is temporary, and that your life gets back in balance soon. Take care of yourself, Liz.
Anonymous said…
If I were six, my biggest disappointment was that mommy didn't sign me up for another swim class and that it was raining today and I won't be able to to go the water park today!

But instead I'm 29, and my biggest worry is what is the repucussions of terminating a baby because my body hasn't recovered from the one I just had, and b/c the baby's dad is too clueless to understand what real HELP is!
Anonymous said…
Your schedule is crazy - you should quit and get on welfare!!!Then you would have time to take the kids to Toys R Us and teach them how to shoplift because you won't have any money!!!!LOL
Mamita Umita said…
Six has been great to see through my daughters eyes again. However, I don't think I knew as much about life as she already seems to.

Your boys are the cutest Liz. I can see the craziness dying to come out of their eyes as they smile in this photo!!
Liz Dwyer said…
I'm hoping after July 1st I can have my life back. Yesterday was a 17 hour work day. Today is only 12 (listen to me! I'm celebrating!). Seriously though, I need some toys I can wear. Either that or a trip to a sensory deprivation tank.

Here I am whining because my work schedule has once again morphed into something I'm certain is taking years off my life. You though, you are thinking about a much more serious matter. I cannot step into your shoes but I do think everything happens for a reason. Of course you can only pray and ask for God's guidance and mercy with whatever decision you make. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

What's up big sister! You finally figured out how to make comments! I'm sooo proud of you. (Everybody, this is my sister!) But, um, with the welfare thing, I don't know how exactly I'd buy the tickets to come out there this summer. And if I shoplift, I'm sure one of your 5-0 friends is gonna catch me...and then I'd never see you again. SOB!

I hear you, they are a little too grown, even though I know my boys are more sheltered and innocent than most these days. And you're right, when I took that photo, they were busy riding their go-carts like crazy maniacs. I just don't get why they aren't afraid they're gonna break an arm or leg. But they are truly fearless. By the way, have you seen the Obama girl video on YouTube? I saw it and totally thought of you.
West said…
80 hours. Allrightee.

I remember a lot of my early years, but I don't remember six all that well. If I were in first grade, then I do remember a good bit.

Anyway, I guess it was okay. I had a wicked crush on Latrina White so I gave her candy and eventually won her heart. Woo-hoo!

Sadly, that was also the year that my parents divorced or started the process. Boo!
Sundry said…
These boys are so wonderful! Thanks for posting those gorgeous smiles.

Hope you made it through okay.
BigSis said…
I wish I was six almost every day! I'm always on. Between homeschooling, blogging, writing articles, changing diapers, can I get a Toys R Us equivalent for me? Maybe Bath and Body Works?
You definitely need a break. This is my first visit. Will be back. Great blog.
Chas said…
teach for america is the only thing that has ever made me work 80 hours in one week. that was at insitute and i thought i was going to die. that you've made it this long with them and still have a good attitude on life says a lot.
Liz Dwyer said…
I think it'll be 83 hours if I only count Monday-Saturday. These are the days I really love makeup...covers up those dark circles! So sad that that's the year your parents divorced. I don't remember much at all from that age, not even who I had a crush on. I actually have very few memories from before 4th grade.

The Toys-R-Us grins get me every time. I posted their picture because then I knew I could click online and see them smiling no matter where I was. They cheer me up and I'm not so good about keeping hardcopies of their pictures on me.

Thanks for coming over to visit. Welcome! I agree, all of us hard working double-duty adults need a Toys-R-Us equivalent. Bath and Body Works is a good choice but I think I want to make my equivalent a jewelry store or something. Or maybe a dessert shop. That could be interesting. Or a personal trainer that will come to my house...sigh, the wish list is long, n'est-ce pas?

Yes, TFA...why else would I be putting these kind of hours in? And yes, your institute...I thought you were going to die because you were going to those raves on top of the work schedule! Too much energy for this old lady. ;) As always you are too sweet...I think I'll credit the good attitude (although you should have heard me this morning) to plenty of tech house and Depeche Mode.
I'm actually six years old still. I just gained a lot of weight.
Kate said…
Oh Liz! It has been several years since I've done an 80 hour week, although I am pulling an all-nighter right now. These days I whine if I have to work more than 45. I should be more thankful.
Anonymous said…
80 hours? Bless your heart- hope everything goes well so you can just be done soon. Ah yes 6 years old was a much simpler time, I just wish someone would force me to take a nap everyday- I certainly wouldn't be offended like I was at 6.
Sundry said…
um Liz? Address? I am going to the Post Office this week and I could easily drop in the book. There's a link to my email address at the top right of my blog. cheers!
Liz Dwyer said…
I am just laughing over your comment. That is really funny!

I don't think I've worked a 40 hour work week since probably 1997. Maybe I need to get back to that?

Actually, my new calculations may have me at over 90. We'll see if I surpass that or not.

You are seriously too kind. And, you are reminding me that I need to send a book to a friend that lives in England. I will get to the post office one of these days!
Anonymous said…
When I was six, I think I was sitting out in the hot sun pulling some damn weeds out of a garden, as my father watched to make sure I pulled them by the roots and not just the damn leaves! I hated gardens when I was little, now I make sure that I have a garden every summer...ironic huh!

80hr work week....SHEEEEEEIIIIIITTTT....Your a good one Liz...I couldn't leave my kids alone for that long I need to see them as much as they need to see me!
Anonymous said…
hang in there. Institute is almost here and you can hand-off the kids to their CMAs. The 20 hour days, too, shall pass. *hug*
Anonymous said…
Work is stupid, being six would rock! I do think though that if you are doing 80 hour work weeks a trip to Toys R Us may be in order - it's called a guilt trip.
the last noel said…
You are one cold-hearted mama for not taking those adorable little faces to the toy store. LOL.
Liz Dwyer said…
I know, I'm counting down the days till institute...only six more to go!

I kinda had my version of Toys-R-Us tonight and it was MUCH deserved.

When I was a little girl, my family used to sing this song about me. The chorus of it goes, "You're so mean and evil, even rain don't fall on you." What can I say? I guess it still rings true! ;0

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