Random Thoughts Running Through My Head

In case you were wondering what I'm thinking about...

1) Christmas Music: Oh I am so glad Christmas only comes once a year. I am slowly being driven insane by the plethora of bad Christmas music being played everywhere from the office of White Middle School to the Kenneth Hahn Starbucks...

2) Christmas Commercialism: Last year I ranted about how much I hated the Lexus "December to Remember" ads that were all over tv. Guess what? I STILL can't stand them. AND I hate walking into Sears to buy my son a black turtleneck for his "Holiday Program" show at school, and I'm assaulted by six foot cardboard Christmas tree ornaments that simply say, "Wish Big." Oh, ok. I guess Sears is trying to let us in on their hopes for their own Christmas profits...oh excuse me, it's not Xmas, it's the HOLIDAY season...

3) H & M: Why exactly is there an H & M store in Schaumburg, Illinois and not one here in Los Angeles? That just defies convention!

4) Billboard Music Awards:
  • Ashlee Simpson can't sing better than my two year old and her off-beat dancing is even more atrocious. I'm wondering who's idea was her awful performance with Pretty Ricky? Does Joe Simpson still consider himself a Christian? Perhaps they all believe Ashlee's off-tempo grinding on one of the non-descript members of Pretty Ricky constitutes being a good Christian?
  • Mariah Carey looked R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S in her tight dress at the aforementioned Billboard Awards. I think she had to sit backstage because she probably would not have been able to climb the stairs to the stage. It was SOOO tight, she could barely walk. And she needed to GET OFF THE STAGE when she was reading her thank you's off of her PDA. She talked longer than Tom Petty!
  • How wack was Gwen Stefani's humping/grinding on Slim Thug during their performance of "Luxurious?" And doesn't her husband get annoyed by her constantly sweating Pharrell?
  • Is Ciara trying to channel Janet Jackson or what? I was feeling her ditching the blonde weave for the black ponytail. She has to get better at dancing and singing at the same time though. Too much backup singer support for my taste.

5) Destiny's Child and Wal-Mart: Are we really supposed to believe the fake family Christmas present unwrapping scene featuring Destiny's Child and entourage in the Walmart commercial? Are we supposed to believe THEY shop at Wal-Mart? I'll just bet Beyonce is getting Jay-Z's present there. Mmm. Hmm. Yep. Sure.

6) Bad Weaves: With all their millions, why can't Michelle, Kelly and Beyonce get some more normal, natural hairwearves? I mean, come on? They look like they they have an animal body slapped up there on top of their own hair.

Ok, I'll give you more random thoughts later!


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